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No matter how well an attorney prepares for a legal proceeding, there is always a chance that something is going to go wrong. At TrialSpectrum, Inc., our trial technology experts and presentation consultants make sure that your presentation goes as smoothly as possible so that you may focus on making your legal arguments and representing your client.

Your Reaction Impacts the Jury

During a jury trial, the jurors watch the attorneys closely throughout the case—even when they are not on the stand. Jurors may notice that an attorney suddenly begins to look frantic while typing on a computer. The attorney hits keys over and over again and begins sending text messages and consulting with co-counsel. When it is time to speak, the attorney fumbles with the computer for several seconds before finally proceeding.

Jurors may feel that the attorney is unprepared because the attorney did not practice a presentation or is unfamiliar with trial technology. At TrialSpectrum, Inc., our team can help you avoid looking inexperienced in front of a jury. Our team members meet with you before a trial for trial prep and practice displaying your PowerPoint presentations, video files and exhibits. If needed, we are available on the date of your proceeding to resolve any technical issues that arise. Jurors often never realize that something has gone wrong.

Confidence is Key in the Courtroom

Part of being successful in the courtroom is appearing confident, even when things are going wrong. If a technical error causes an attorney to fumble arguments or forget things, the jury will remember. In addition, if an attorney’s body language changes after experiencing a technical error—for example, being unable to find the right power cord for a computer—the jury will also notice. Throughout a hearing or trial, an attorney must speak clearly and maintain strong body language to fully persuade the jury.

With TrialSpectrum, Inc. by your side during your legal proceeding, you will appear cool and confident from your opening statements to your closing arguments. Why? The answer is simple — we set up your venue before you step in and ensure that all of your equipment is working properly and is easy for the jury to see and hear. We are with you every step of the way, even in the courtroom, to ensure your proceeding goes as smoothly as possible.

TrialSpectrum, Inc. Offers a Range of Trial Technology Services

No matter what your technological needs may be, the trial technology experts at TrialSpectrum, Inc., can help you get ready for court, mediation, and other types of legal proceedings.

  • We provide graphics and PowerPoint presentations for your opening / closing statements and during expert witness testimony.

  • We offer printing and scanning services and can print large trial boards with graphics, text and detailed photos.

  • We offer equipment rentals and can provide you with top quality speakers, video screens, and monitors.

  • We can edit videos for you, including depositions and surveillance video. We can add captions and guarantee that video quality is excellent.

  • When you partner with TrialSpectrum, Inc., you ensure you are presenting a powerful, undeniable case to the judge and jury.

To Learn More About TrialSpectrum, Inc., Call Today

To learn more about the wide range of services offered at TrialSpectrum, Inc., give us a call at 1-800-789-0084 to set up a time to chat. You may also visit us at We have helped attorneys and law firms throughout the United States and would be honored to partner with you as well.

For attorneys, attention to detail and careful planning and organization are crucial factors in their cases, no matter what type of law they may practice. Once an attorney figures out a system for handling cases and conducting trials, he or she may be hesitant to embrace new technology, even if it can help the attorney save time and become more efficient.

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., we encourage attorneys to welcome new technology that can help set them apart in the courtroom. We know that learning about new technology can be stressful and overwhelming. Therefore, we are also available to help attorneys learn and practice how to use new software and equipment.

Technology Helps Show the Client’s Story in an Irrefutable Way

The trial exhibit board has been used by attorneys for decades, if not longer. Statements from a deposition, photographs, blueprints, and other pieces of evidence are blown up, printed, and displayed on a board for the judge and jury to see.

In some cases, an attorney uses multiple exhibit boards to show a timeline of events.

However, many attorneys have begun using animations to provide a more detailed understanding of an event to the judge and jury. Rather than hoping that the jury pieces together an event by filling in the gaps between trial exhibit boards, an animation portrays a seamless reenactment of an event and leaves little to the jury’s imagination.

Rest Easy Knowing Backups Are Available

Many attorneys are uncomfortable with the idea of using technology in the courtroom to display exhibits and make arguments. What if the equipment does not work? What if the file becomes corrupt? Relying on a physical exhibit is much more comfortable and familiar to these attorneys.

However, just as a copy can be made of a document or a photograph, copies can be made of digital files. External hard drives and other media can be used to store backups of files. At TrialSpectrum, Inc., we are prepared with a backup plan in case of internet outages or equipment failure. In fact, members of our team can be available for a hearing or trial just in case there is some type of technical error. We can have you back up and running in just a few moments.

Juries Expect Updated Technology

Attorneys should be motivated to learn about new technology simply because the jury has come to expect it in the courtroom. Juries may quickly become bored. However, present them with a graphic PowerPoint presentation, video, a recorded deposition with captions, or an animation, and their attention will be held.

When attorneys hire TrialSpectrum, Inc., they reap the benefits of using trial technology without having to put in hours of work to learn how to implement it. Our staff is able to create dynamic PowerPoint presentations, graphics, animations and edit videos.. Of course, our team helps attorneys practice and learn how to use the technology in court. However, attorneys may focus on creating legal arguments and practicing their opening and closing statements while the trial technology experts at TrialSpectrum, Inc., focus on designing exhibits that are both easy to understand and impressive.

To Learn More About Our Services, Contact TrialSpectrum, Inc. Today

The trial technology experts at TrialSpectrum, Inc., have assisted attorneys and law firms throughout the United States in a variety of cases, including those that involve millions of dollars in damages. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer for hearings and trials, give us a call at 1-800-789-0084 or visit to set up a free consultation.

Whether you represent an insurance company or an injured victim, presenting a car accident claim in indisputable detail is vital to the success of your case. Although photos and witness testimony are very powerful tools in car accident claims, animations provide an elevated level of detail that substantially impacts jurors as they make their decision. At Trial Spectrum, Inc., our team of animators will work with you to create the scene you need to support your legal arguments.

Vehicle “Black Boxes”

Most cars today are equipped with a “black box,” or event data recorders. Since the early 2000s, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has used data from these devices to track accident statistics and patterns. Many police departments are also able to obtain information from event data recorders after a crash.

Event data recorders provide a wealth of information, such as the use of turn signals, rate of speed, braking activity, and even seatbelt use. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, additional information may also be recorded.

How can the information from an event data recorder be used to strengthen arguments in the courtroom?

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., we can take the information from event data recorders and use them to create an animation that shows the jury exactly how an accident occurred. When jurors see a recreation, they are less likely to draw their own conclusions or make assumptions about how the accident occurred.

Animations also make the circumstances surrounding a car accident easier for the jury to understand. During a slideshow of photographs, for example, a juror may not have adequate time to study the photograph before an attorney moves on to the next photograph. Piecing the timeline of events together may be confusing. However, with an animation, all of the details of the crash are displayed in one smooth, continuous presentation.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

A detailed animation coupled with expert testimony is compelling evidence for a jury. Accident reconstruction experts may refer to animations as they explain vehicle damage, road conditions, and a driver’s actions in the moments before and during an accident.

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., we analyze the details of your case to determine both the number of animations that may be needed in your case, as well as the information the animations should provide. For example, an accident reconstruction expert may use one animation to demonstrate the effect of speed on a crash, and another to explain how weather conditions impacted an accident.

In cases where the cause of a crash is disputed, accident reconstruction experts provide excellent analyses that are both convincing and reliable.

Explaining Injuries

Of course, injuries are often the primary focus of a motor vehicle accident claim. Using medical records, expert testimony, and other pieces of evidence, the experts at Trial Spectrum, Inc., are able to create animations that demonstrate how an injury occurred. Whether you need to support a victim’s claim for damages or argue against damages on behalf of an insurance company, an animation will strengthen your arguments.

Call TrialSpectrum, Inc., Today to Discuss Your Upcoming Trial

If you are likely to have a motor vehicle accident case go to trial, contact the team at TrialSpectrum, Inc., today to discuss our services. We produce high quality animations and have assisted law firms and attorneys throughout the United States in a variety of cases. To learn more, call 1-800-789-0084 or visit today.

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