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Why Hire a Litigation Consultation and Trial Technology Company for Mediation?

To many attorneys, litigation consultation and trial technology companies are sought out for assistance with complex, high-profile cases and trials. They may consider hiring such a company only if they have a case with a seven- or eight-figure verdict at risk. However, litigation consultation and trial technology companies, like TrialSpectrum, Inc., also provide valuable services for out-of-court proceedings like mediation.

As attorneys know, the primary goal of mediation is to settle a claim—to keep it out of court and, in many cases, out of the public eye. Mediation offers a variety of incentives to the parties: they can create a settlement agreement that suits each party, they can openly discuss their arguments with the mediator in a confidential setting, and they do not have to worry about coming under fire during cross-examination in court.

Though litigation consultation and trial technology companies do offer services targeted for the courtroom, their products often easily transfer to the behind-the-scenes setting of mediation.

Exhibits and Presentations

The manner in which information is presented during a case—whether inside or outside of the courtroom—makes a significant difference in its outcome. Attorneys must ensure that their audience is receptive to the argument they want to make. What is effective for a judge in a courtroom may not be effective for opposing parties in mediation.

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., we create custom presentation materials for your mediation. Depending on your client’s goals, the type of case, and the arguments you want to make, our team will create effective exhibits that are easy to understand and persuasive in nature. Once the opposing party and their counsel see the thoroughly prepared materials you have brought to mediation—and realizes that similar materials would be presented in the courtroom—settlement may become more likely.

Case Details and Themes

Since mediation is much less formal than a courtroom hearing or trial, many attorneys may not have a streamlined presentation prepared in advance. However, identifying case themes and selecting details to present that support those themes will drive arguments home to both the mediator and to opposing counsel. Although, of course, the mediator is not a decision-maker in the case, many mediators do not hesitate to emphasize the strength of one party’s arguments to the other party.

The professionals at TrialSpectrum, Inc. will meet with you (virtually, if needed) to go over your case. Based on our years of experience, we will pull facts and details from the case and organize them so that your presentation flows smoothly. Additionally, we will anticipate opposing counsel’s arguments and determine the most effective ways to refute those arguments.

An organized presentation, coupled with persuasive graphics and media, significantly improves the odds of settling during mediation.

Preparing for Trial

In some cases, a party simply refuses to settle at mediation. If this ends up being the situation in your case, all is not lost—after all, you have practiced making your arguments and have learned which ones were effective. You were able to practice using the exhibits and presentations you may use at trial. Additionally, you will be able to share the arguments that opposing counsel used during mediation with the team at TrialSpectrum, Inc. so that we may solidify your arguments before you head to the courtroom.

To Learn More About Our Services, Call TrialSpectrum, Inc. Today

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., our excellent team of professionals assists law firms throughout the country with cases of all types. If you would like to schedule a time to speak with us about your case, call 800-789-0084 or visit

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