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Improving Your Chances of Settlement by Using a Litigation Support Company

When attorneys think about litigation support companies, they usually think of entities that assist big law firms with high profile, multimillion-dollar trials. Although litigation support companies are certainly used in these environments, they also provide valuable services in the phases leading up to trial in cases of various sizes and types.

Settling a case saves stress and money for both law firms and their clients. By building strong, compelling arguments, attorneys increase their odds of fostering a settlement, whether it occurs during mediation or during discussions with opposing counsel. In many cases, once opposing counsel sees the excellent exhibits and accompanying arguments that will be submitted to the court, settling the case becomes more desirable.

Partnering with a Litigation Support Company

Attorneys should not wait until they have trial date on the docket to hire a litigation support company. The sooner a litigation support company is consulted, the better the company is able to assist the law firm with the case.

Litigation support companies work closely with attorneys to determine what arguments should be made in a case, as well as the best approach for making those arguments. Litigation support companies take into account the jurisdiction, judge, opposing counsel, jurors, and other individuals who may impact decision-making in a case.

For example, consider a case that is scheduled for mediation. As attorneys are well aware, preparation is key to success at mediation. Preparing with a team of litigation consultants who are experienced in tailoring arguments to reach certain audiences is an even stronger approach.

Continuing the above example, opposing counsel has stated that the client is not likely to agree to a settlement. However, with the assistance of a litigation support company, detailed graphics are presented that outline the attorney’s arguments and identify weaknesses in opposing counsel’s case.

Opposing counsel knows that these graphics will likely be submitted in court, and, rather than handing the case outcome over to a judge and jury, it is decided that it is best to settle.

Additionally, once opposing counsel sees the resources that the attorney has brought to mediation, it is understood that advanced courtroom technology will likely be used in a trial. If opposing counsel does not have access to such technological tools, settlement becomes much more likely—as jurors may be much more impressed with the attorney who uses advanced technology.

Timing is Everything

One of the factors that most significantly impacts the likelihood of settlement is the timeline of the case. If the parties try to finalize the case too early, before all of the relevant evidence has been gathered, settlement negotiations may not get very far. However, if the parties wait too long to try to settle the case, they may have spent so much in attorneys’ fees and court costs that they feel reluctant to lose their “day in court.”

Litigation support companies provide excellent guidance on the timing of mediation and other types of settlement negotiations. With a litigation support team, attorneys will be hyperaware of the time-sensitive issues in their case. These attorneys will know which evidence should be compiled as quickly as possible so that settlement negotiations will be fruitful—and favorable for their clients.

Litigation support companies estimate the best time to settle a case based on the various factors involved in the claim. These companies are then able to provide guidance to law firms to help them prepare for settlement negotiations and increase the chances of settling the case.

Settling a case often provides a result that a judge or jury never would have ordered. It provides freedom to the parties to control the outcome of their case and saves attorneys the stress of preparing for trial.

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., we have helped firms around the country reach favorable settlement agreements on behalf of their clients. We work closely with attorneys to create graphics, edit videos, provide equipment, and offer any other litigation consultation or technology services they may need.

Call TrialSpectrum, Inc. Today to Learn About Our Services

The team at TrialSpectrum, Inc. is prepared to help you provide excellent legal representation to your clients. We will create a strong case that is persuasive and impressive to your target audience. To schedule a free consultation with us, call 800-789-0084 or visit today.

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