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How Using a Trial Support Company is Beneficial for Remote Proceedings

For much of the past year, numerous court hearings and administrative proceedings have been forced to switch to remote proceedings. During the coronavirus pandemic, these proceedings have been conducted over the internet, over closed circuit video, and even over the telephone.

Types of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, have been held over videoconference and by telephone. Depositions have been videotaped. Essentially overnight, the legal world transitioned from in-person proceedings to those that are virtual.

How can a trial support and technology company assist law firms during these unprecedented times?

Trial support and technology companies are able to assist law firms with both preparing detailed plans for legal proceedings and executing those plans.

For example, consider a wrongful death claim. The victim sustained serious injuries, but also had several preexisting conditions.

The case is set for trial. The attorneys meet with the trial support company to discuss the case and explain the arguments that they want to make to the judge and jury. The trial support company then creates graphics and other visual aids that make these arguments easy for the jury to understand.

However, the trial support company’s job does not end there—on the date of trial, members of the team are available to assist the attorney with the presentations that are made in court.

Court Proceedings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Now, more than ever, attorneys need reliable technology for court proceedings. Very few hearings are conducted in person at this time, a trend that will likely continue for many more months.

Many attorneys are unfamiliar with the types of technology that are available for trials and hearings. Rather than deal with the stress of learning new technology and hoping that the material is properly presented on the date of a hearing, these attorneys may consult a trial support and technology company to manage this aspect of the case on their behalf.

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., our team of experts is available to help with any type of case, no matter what phase it may be in. We assist with discovery matters, such as recording depositions on video. We create trial graphics, exhibit boards, and other visual aids for the courtroom. We also provide printing services and offer audio and visual equipment rentals to our clients.

It is essential that courtroom technology work properly on the date of a legal proceeding. Judges often become impatient when their dockets run behind, and an attorney who fumbles with computer cords and monitors may appear unprepared to a jury.

However, the experts at TrialSpectrum, Inc. are available to set up and test your equipment before your hearing and remain available throughout the duration of the proceeding. If, for some reason, the courtroom Wi-Fi disconnects, for example, your TrialSpectrum, Inc. team will step in and remedy the situation as quickly as possible while you continue to address the courtroom.

High Quality Technology Products

Whether you need a deposition recorded, a map of a crime scene enlarged and printed, or an animation of a physiological process in the human body, the professionals at TrialSpectrum, Inc. can help. In addition, all products are produced in-house at TrialSpectrum, Inc. This not only cuts down on costs for our clients, but also allows us to carefully monitor the quality of our services.

When you select TrialSpectrum, Inc. to assist you with your case, you may rest assured that you will be working with a team dedicated to helping you and your clients obtain the best results possible.

Call Us Today to Discuss Our Services

If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer at TrialSpectrum, Inc., call 800-789-0084 or visit today. We work with law firms throughout the United States in both civil and criminal matters.

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