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Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation for a Legal Proceeding

PowerPoint presentations have long been used in the courtroom to deliver important arguments to a judge and jury. Although this technology is not new, many attorneys still struggle to use the software effectively. Without the right tools, even the strongest legal arguments may be lost on the audience.

The Basics: Know Your Screen

The type of screen on which your presentation will be displayed makes a significant difference in its visual clarity. An older pull-down screen in a courtroom may not be as easy to view as a large high-definition monitor. The lighting in the presentation environment also has a large impact on the screen.

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., our team of professionals carefully studies the location of your presentation, whether it is a large courtroom or a small conference room. This allows us to create a PowerPoint presentation that is tailored to the specific environment in which you will be presenting.

Fonts and Colors

The font type and font colors you select for your PowerPoint presentation determine whether your audience is able to read the information you are delivering. For example, did you know that sans serif fonts are usually easier on the eyes? Capitalizing every word in a block of text is also generally ineffective, and many background colors can cause many viewers’ eyes to strain. At TrialSpectrum, Inc., we know the best types of fonts and font colors to use to ensure your audience is able to read text, regardless of their age or visual acuity.

Do Not Read from the Screen

A PowerPoint presentation is a visual aid. A visual aid should support an attorney’s presentation—not be the entire presentation itself. An attorney should use a PowerPoint presentation to drive home important facts and legal arguments. If the attorney simply stands in front of a judge and jury and reads from a slide, the attorney risks these individuals becoming bored and unimpressed.

At TrialSpectrum, Inc., we will work with you to help you use a PowerPoint presentation as a supplemental tool to strengthen your legal arguments. We will help you practice and will provide tips to you to increase the effectiveness of your delivery.

Plan Your Position

Where you stand during a PowerPoint presentation is important. You want to be able to address your audience while tying your statements to the slides that are displayed. Stand too close to your audience and they may focus on you instead of the PowerPoint. If you stand too far away, the audience may become distracted.

The team of professionals at TrialSpectrum, Inc., will help you determine where you should stand to deliver your message effectively. We will also discuss body language and whether you should move about the room at all during your presentation.

A Variety of Visual Elements

One of the greatest advantages of using PowerPoint software is its ability to include a variety of visual elements into a single presentation. Attorneys are able to incorporate photos, audio clips, videos, graphics, animations, and a variety of other pieces of evidence into a single presentation. Because everyone learns information differently, a PowerPoint presentation is an excellent tool to use to ensure the audience understands both the facts of a case and the laws and regulations that may affect them.

Contact TrialSpectrum, Inc. Today to Begin Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

The team of litigation consultants and trial technology experts at TrialSpectrum, Inc., has the tools you need to elevate your legal arguments. We not only create effective PowerPoint presentations, but we also work with you to ensure you are comfortable using the software. We are available the day of your presentation as well to assist with any technological issues you may have. To learn more about our company and the services we offer, call 800-789-0084 or visit

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